Blue Velvet

Blue Velvet




Blue Velvet.  Whether your mind conjures up the classic Bobby Vinton track (sweet & familiar), the Lana Del Rey cover (lush & novel) or zips past that and straight to David Lynch’s masterpiece film (noir & unusual), this cup is for you. 


So far reaching is this pleasing coffee, that when we decided we wanted to experiment with blending the uber-sacred coffee known as Jamaica Blue Mountain(a 3rdwave faux pas) not to dilute the cost of this pricey bean (as scheistier roasters have been known to do) but to make a yet more lush and dynamic blend than Jamaica Blue Mountain alone, we knew that our efforts might both delight some and horrify others. But, as we’d guess masters of their craft Lana Del Rey or David Lynch might say: you have to know the rules before you can subvert them. We know the rules. We gleefully subverted them. 


And what we’re left with is this: one of the best seasonal blends we think we’ve ever tasted. An expertly crafted mixture of top shelf sweet and unctuous Nicaraguanwith a hit of buttery, vanilla Jamaica Blue Mountain. Blended with the cuisine and comfort of colder temps in mind, this coffee is perfect for heading into cooler autumn months.


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