the NEW order of things

An early piece written about us said that we had a name that "sounds more like a mission statement than a business." That same article called us ambitious, and neither accusation was terribly off the mark. Founded with a gleeful defiance to the status quo, New Order has a singular, dogmatic aim: to delight and energize your everyday life. 

We do that by doing things a little differently; by operating in juxtapositions left and right. We like things like intentioned simplicity but we also really like confetti. We like curation, but what's better than personalization? We like seriousness in craft, but we also love quick service. We work in shades of aqua and orange and everything in-between. And just because we do things our way does not mean we can't make them your way.

One thing we know in our bones is this: coffee is a personal thing. And we're the coffee experts, but're our boss.  So go ahead: let us help you make it your own.

It's a new day. It's a new order.