Zambia Kateshi

Zambia Kateshi




Coffee can be grown in all types of soil, but the ideal type is fertile volcanic soil. Well-draining and rich with minerals, volcanic soil provides extremely fertile ground for growing coffee, with some of the world’s most longstanding and famous coffees grown in soil on volcanic slopes. Zambia’s northern province is home to the country’s highlands, and being rich in these ancient volcanic soils, has been producing coffee since the 1950s. 

These growing conditions, coupled with a natural, dry processing method, helps to produce the complex fruity sweet, citrusy flavor and creamy body of this AAA/AA graded, Rainforest Alliance certified coffee, one of our favorite, most distinctive lots that we’ve tried all year.

New Order is proud to offer Zambia Kateshi as Edition #04 in our Rare Share® program, a continuing series of limited, exotic coffees.

All coffee purchases are roasted to order. Orders are shipped on Mondays and Thursdays only.

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