Yemen Haraaz Al-Emadi

Yemen Haraaz Al-Emadi


In the midst of a brutal civil war since 2015, coffee may not be the first thing that springs to mind when you hear about Yemen. Cultivating coffees since at least the 16th century, though, Yemen is home to some spectacular, history making coffees. We hope to make a difference by raising awareness and doing business with coffee farmers in this region that are committed to high quality and fair and ethical business practices. 

 This spectacular lot comes from Al-Ezzi Industries, and is cultivated in the microregion of Sharqui Haraaz. Al-Ezzi’s practice of voluntarily issuing ID cards to growers makes for meticulous traceability and serves as a point of pride and respect for growers. Additionally, their model of purchasing fresh ripe red coffee cherries rather than dried, ensures ripeness, as well as quality control in the drying process. This makes all the difference in evenness in the resulting cup.

 This coffee, simply put, is a stunner, and we proudly offer it as Edition #02 in our Rare Share program, a continuing series of limited, exotic coffees.

All coffee purchases are roasted to order. Orders are shipped on Mondays and Thursdays only.

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