Soft Shock

Soft Shock


Reader: we need to talk. This winter was a real weather nightmare out here in the Midwest. The grey days dragged well into springtime proper on our calendars. It was gross. For far longer than it had any right to be.

This winter also marked the 10th anniversary of one of our favorite albums, Fever to Tell, by art rock band Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and so we ended up listening to that record a lot, as well as the rest of their joyfully frantic oeuvre to get us wired up enough to get to the lab and hammer out a new blend.

Wanting something bright but refined to celebrate the warmer months when they would finally arrive, we got to work marrying floral Guatemala Atitlan, a returning favorite, with Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Aricha, which added some sweetness and complexity. The result, like its namesake Yeah Yeah Yeahs track “Soft Shock” is a real springtime wakeup shake-up: perfectly fruity and floral with just the right amount of citrusy spark.

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