Timor Fair Trade Organic

Timor Fair Trade Organic




If you fancy yourself to be a coffee person that prefers bold offerings, look no further. Roasted a hair or two darker than the majority of our beans, this coaxes out a syrupy body that reminds us a little of Dr. Pepper. This full and complex coffee, certified Fair Trade Organic (as are virtually all coffees coming out of Timor), also boasts pleasant peppery notes balanced by rich, deep notes of black cherry with a toasted sweet graham cracker finish.

Originally introduced to the region over 400 years ago by Portuguese colonists, an epidemic of coffee leaf rust resulted in replanting in the region which resulted in a rare and fortuitous mistake: a fusion of Arabica and Robusta varietal DNA, which resulted in a hearty and distinctive hybrid, now called Hibrido de Timor, or Timor Hybrid.

This excellent lot is produced by Cooperative Café Timor (CCT), who works with a number of very small farms out of Maubesse, a high-altitude growing region in East Timor. Founded in 1994, the cooperative obtained Fair Trade certification in 2001.    

All coffee purchases are roasted to order. Orders are shipped on Mondays and Thursdays only.

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