#1 Crush

#1 Crush


One recent snowy day, while reading André Aciman’s excellent Call Me By Your Name, a vinyl copy of the Romeo + Juliet soundtrack coloring our afternoon, we got to thinking about the evocative, syrupy summer afternoons of our first crush, a perfect foil to the grey winter days ahead.

You see, after the holidays, the long winter months can be tough. And though we’re smart enough to know that Valentine’s Day is mostly a construct of greeting card companies, we’re also soft enough to look forward to a day amidst the months of blizzards where we get to celebrate the things we love. Life, as they say, is short. And celebrating things, in all of their artificial candy colors, is a virtue of ours.

The result of that afternoon? We ran back to the lab and married beans from Colombia & Timor to create a happy and harmonious pairing of dark chocolate and stone fruit notes, with a sweet and surprising lovely graham finish. One sip had us drifting away, appreciative of our crushes past and present. We call it #1 Crush. It’s our syrupy, swooning, coffee-stained love letter to love itself.

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